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Benefits of AirPitch soccer: A 3v3 AirPitch soccer tournament offers a unique soccer experience played on inflatable fields.

Compared to traditional soccer, AirPitch soccer offers more action, more scoring, and more fast-paced games where the ball stays in play a statistically proven 83% more. The smaller team size and playing area promote increased touches, allowing players to hone their technical skills and decision making abilities in a fast-paced setting.

Avalanche Futsal League

Why play Futsal?

Playing futsal can offer several benefits as a supplement to their regular soccer season. Futsal is a variant of soccer played indoors on a smaller, hard court with a smaller, heavier ball. Having fewer players in the game has proven to give each individual player more touches on the ball and more opportunities to develop foot skills and improve first touch. Research indicates that individuals playing futsal receive the ball 6 times more often than they would do when playing a soccer game outdoors.

Here are some advantages of incorporating futsal into the training regimen of young soccer players.

  • Close ball control: The smaller playing area in futsal forces players to have tighter ball control. This encourages players to refine their touches, dribbling and ball manipulation skills to navigate through tight spaces and opponents.
  • Quick decision-making: Futsal's fast-paced nature demands quick decision-making. Players need to think on their feet, make split-second choices, and execute actions promptly. This helps improve players' ability to read the game and make effective decisions under pressure.
  • Teamwork and combination play: Futsal encourages players to work closely with teammates to maintain possession, create passing triangles, and execute quick combinations. This improves players understanding of teamwork and how to link up effectively with others on the field.

By playing futsal, soccer players can develop their technical skills in a challenging and enjoyable environment. The skills developed through futsal training can seamlessly transfer to outdoor soccer, enhancing players' overall performance on the field.

2024 Futsal League

Coming Winter 2024