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Field Closures

To check if the field is closed or open, please call the Hotline at 303.234.5928
Note: The hotline is ONLY updated if fields are CLOSED. It is not updated daily, only when there is a closure.

DO NOT USE THE FIELDS IF THEY ARE CLOSED! You may not think the field is that wet, but it is closed for a reason. We had a bad situation where a team trained on a closed field and it really tore the field up. The City was not pleased. Please respect the City's decision so we don't lose use of the fields.

The City of Wheat Ridge determines if fields are unplayable at approximately 2:00 PM on weekdays. The reason they wait until 2:00 PM, is because this is Colorado. Conditions can vary widely during a day. We don't want the City to prematurely close the field. On that same note, a wild snow flurry can start up at 3:00 PM and it can be miserable by the time training starts. If this happens during business hours, the City will update the hotline.

The City of Wheat Ridge determines by approximately 6 AM on Saturdays if a field is unplayable. We work with the City to then either relocate to the turf or cancel.

Club Policies:

If the weather deteriorates after 2:00 PM - it is below 35 degrees and snowing or what not - YOU can decide to cancel training on your own. Please do your best to notify the team and make a decision by one hour prior to the start time of practice.

If a grass field is closed but the turf is open - When this occurs, we do our best to relocate teams on the grass to the turf. This generally means that impacted teams get a smaller space - but they get to train instead of cancelling. Our Executive Director will reach out to you directly if there is the possibility of relocating your team in a situation as described.