Referee Resources

The Avalanche Soccer Club encourages and supports young people to become certified referees. The referee course consists of two parts: an online module and field session. Future referees must complete both sections in order to successfully pass the course and be registered with U.S. Soccer.

The club encourages and provides mentoring for young referees to help them develop the confidence and competence to become a good center ref or assistant referee/linesman. Through the mentoring program young referees continue to develop rapid decision making skills, field positioning and laws of the game acuity while meeting the challenge of refereeing. The club also provides practice sessions during scrimmages that will further build the comfort level of young referees

Once you are certified you can ref as little or as much as you would like and choose games and age groups that work with your schedule and level of comfort/interest. This is a great opportunity for young players to experience a well paid job, have fun, gain valuable leadership skills, and offer an important service to Avalanche Soccer.

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-Individual must be 13 years old

-No experience needed!

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